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Sweet Grass Dairy - Asher Blue

Sweet Grass Dairy - Asher Blue


Approximately 8 oz, Asher Blue has a unique natural rind and creamy-crumbly texture. This Blue has slightly pungent, mushroomy aromas and earthy, grassy flavors with an unexpectedly mild, salty finish.


Sweet Grass Dairy's raw cow's milk Asher Blue cheese has been recognized domestically and internationally with multiple awards. Like all blue cheeses, it is inoculated with the mold and then pierced fifty times on each side in order to get oxygen inside the cheese to let the mold grow during the aging process. The Asher Blue has a mushroomy, earthly, and slightly pungent flavor with an unexpectedly mild, salty finish, with a creamy-crumbly texture with a natural rind. Our Blue Cheese is classified in the Creamy-Crumbly texture category and has a milder and more approachable flavor than that of stronger blues. Blue cheese is one of the hardest cheeses to make and that is just the kind of challenge Jeremy needed to start making it.

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